• Family portraitAlzeca Biosciences develops novel advanced imaging agents for the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s affects approximately 5.5M Americans at a cost of over $226 billion in care, and affects over 27 million patients worldwide. Its incidence is projected to quadruple by 2050 with costs exceeding $1 trillion in the US alone, unless a more effective diagnostic and treatment method is achieved.

    Early detection of Alzheimer’s is critical, as disease pathology begins to accumulate 10 to 15 years prior to the onset of cognitive symptoms. Early diagnosis would permit extremely valuable and currently unavailable prognostic information to families, and would ultimately facilitate preemptive treatment at a point where the disease is far more treatable.  Alzeca’s agents are based on MRI and CT scanning, technologies that have highly significant advantages over current PET scan methods, including far lower cost and far broader availability world-wide, for screening and diagnosis of these disorders.

    To date, Alzeca has been supported by private investors and grants to its academic partners from the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Alzheimer’s Association, NIH, and Alliance for NanoHealth.  The company’s founders have over 25 years of experience in drug development.  Alzeca leadership features world- renowned experts in diagnostic imaging innovation and clinical neuroscience, as well as a deep, experienced management team.